At KA, we view design as a process towards discovery. Guided by a desire to innovate and experiment in pursuit of smarter design solutions and a more resilient future.

Design Methodology

Design Methodology

Being highly process driven, we have a profound interest in the issues of site, context, environment, and materiality.

For us, each project is a journey. When we are at the beginning of the journey, we contemplate a concept that does not yet exist. Absence and loss precede the appearance of an abstract driving force. Chaos, confusion and implosion of information bound up in constraints, regulations and limited means precede every architectural project. The journey from the abstract to the concrete is a metamorphosis of an idea into a coherent purpose to physical form and materiality.

Our studio

Human interaction shapes the spaces we design and the way we operate. Our studios are open and non-hierarchical to facilitate collaboration and interaction across teams. A horizontal working structure and free flow of ideas is at the core of the KA culture.

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